Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Ashworth House


Last fall, Dave Snyder and Sara Coffey asked me to do a series of documentary images of the Ashworth House in Guilford on the eve of its restoration.

The house, built around 1790, has been owned by only two families for the past 200 years and has basically been architecturally untouched since it was first completed.
David and Sara are restoring it for use by musicians recording at Guilford Sound and dancers doing residencies at Vermont Performance Lab.


As I was doing the documentary shots, I began to envision images of dancers in the space before it was renovated. With the help of some wonderful dancers, I developed a series, "Spirit/s of the Ashworth House."
Luminz Studio's Aurora Corsano, Fallon Burner, Marshall Jarreau, and Brooke Paige and Marlboro College dance students Cookie and Sarah brought their creative energy to each of the images. Leslie (artist, friend, and wife) did the post-production digital interpretation.