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Republican Debate

I covered the Republican presidential campaign debate for Dartmouth College last night. My assignment was to show the debate in the context of Dartmouth—showing students and the campus (especially the iconic Baker Tower)—and to get the images to the Public Affairs Office quickly, so the images could be put online immediately. Someone from Public Affairs found me every half hour to take a memory card from my camera, and the photos were up on Dartmouth’s Flickr site early this morning.

The reporters' pool in the Hopkins Center
Dartmouth President Kim welcomes Rep. Ron Paul.
Gov. Romney gets metered for the lights.
A Dartmouth alum, and Iraq War veteran, leads the Pledge of Allegiance.
One of Dartmouth's a cappella groups sings the National Anthem.
President Kim praises the candidates for studying hard and being well rested, just like Dartmouth students.
Broadcast journalist Charlie Rose was the evening's moderator.
Gov. Chris Christie, who livened things up earlier in the day by endorsing Gov. Romney, sits in the crowd.
All the candidates and the three journalists who moderated the debate.
Everyone is seated a full six minutes before the broadcast begins, and waits in prolonged silence for the cameras to go live.
The current frontrunner maintained this half smile for the entire evening.
Rep. Bachmann makes a note as Gov. Perry answers a question.
Dartmouth students seated on stage during the debate.