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Kalina + Ferne

You’ve met Kalina and Ferne in previous posts. They are good friends, New England Circus Arts grads, and amazing trapeze artists. Kalina needed some new portraits for her portfolio, and Ferne came along as the art director (“Raise your left leg a little and point your toes more.”) and cheerleader. One of our favorite spots for these portrait sessions is the abandoned railroad trestle over the Connecticut River just south of town. I wouldn’t say it was dangerous, but it’s not exactly OSHA approved. The space between the ties gives you a nice view down to the Connecticut River about 30 feet below. And when Kalina and Ferne start scampering around the trestle’s superstructure in their bare feet, I usually get a bit nervous. Their parents love the images, but I’m always glad they aren’t there to see us make them.

The second location for the shoot was the alley by the railroad tracks behind the Twilight Tea Lounge, which has the highest per capita amount of broken glass and graffiti of anywhere in Brattleboro. Still in bare feet, Kalina and Ferne find ways to hang off just about anything.

They love this. They love the railroad trestle, they love the glass littered alley, they love doing their art, and they love doing it together. I’m blessed to be a part of it.

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When I first met Jenna and Vinnie to talk about their wedding photography, I quickly realized two things: I really liked them both, and they really valued good photography.
So I was psyched when Jenna asked me this spring to do her maternity portraits for their first child.
Most photographers recommend doing maternity portraits around 24 weeks—but Jenna barely had a bump at 24 weeks, so we waited until just 3 weeks before her due date.
She’d just come from a doctor’s appointment and had a new photograph of the baby with it’s tiny clenched hands, clearly ready to join the world in a few short weeks.
Congratulations Jenna and Vinnie! You are going to be the best parents!