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Kim + Anders

Anders’ brother does a final tie adjustment before Kim and her dad walk down the aisle on a perfect spring day at Mountain Meadows Lodge.
The blue sky and Kent Pond provide a perfect backdrop to the ceremony.
Kim’s beautiful dress and flower wreath were breathtaking.
Kim assured us that these were tears of joy as she made her vows to Anders.


Anders sings his vows, recounting the near miraculous and romantic way he met Kim.
A guest interrupts.
Apparently, the story is a complete fabrication.
Anders recants, now telling how it really happened.
Oops. This version fails to pass the fact checkers as well.
Anders comes clean: he and Kim met online. And they are absolutely perfect for one another.
Kim tears up again as she says her I Dos.
The first kiss, and the first hug. xo.
The champagne toast awaits in the shape of a heart.
The whole team toasts Kim and Anders.
The reception begins.
Kim and Anders love games of all kinds, as do their friends, so a Matrimony Madness trivia game has been planned.
One of the teams review the trivia topics.
This is serious business.
The game’s emcees prepare.
Anders reads one of the first questions.
Kim encourages the players.
Each team could earn extra points by performing various feats, such as singing a childhood song in the funniest possible voice or standing on one foot for an entire trivia round.
Anders’ brother was the only one who got this right.
Extra credit: eat a tablespoon of mayo with Sriracha Sauce.
The questions get harder and the competition is fierce.

I don’t recall which team won, but I do remember all the laughter and fun.
The tables are set for dinner.¬† The amazing flowers on the tables, Kim’s wreath and bouquet, and the arbor at the ceremony were¬† provided by the gifted Carie Kowalski of Green Mountain Floral Arts.
Each table was themed after an animal common in Vermont.
The rings.
Kim’s beautiful bouquet
Kim and Anders make the rounds.
Kim surprises Anders with an amazing rendition of Elton Johns’ Your Song.
I think this was the highlight of Kim’s day: the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream wedding cake. Yum!
The dancing begins.
Kim’s mom dancing to Abba.

Anders’ mom and brother taking a break from the dance floor.
Okay, enough dancing. Time to break out a game.
Goats love Animal Crackers. Goats actually love just about anything.

Anders, who doesn’t love formal photos, consented to a few because he loves doing things that will make Kim happy.
Congratulations you two. Your wedding day was perfect, and you made it your own. Just like your relationship. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it all.

Anastasia + Trent

Anastasia and Trent’s wedding at the beautiful Chesterfield Inn was an intimate family affair.
The gardens at the inn were in full bloom.
Anastasia’s dress was as stunning as her blue eyes. And Trent was rocking the three-piece suit.
Anastasia’s grandfather and sister stood up for the ceremony amidst the blooming cherry trees.
Anastasia’s sister Liz provided veil management whenever the breeze got a little feisty.

The first kiss, and the first hug.
Anastasia’s grandfather and his wife model the joy of marriage.
The inn’s private dining room offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Congratulations Anastasia and Trent!
May all your days together be filled with the same joy and celebration that marked your amazing wedding day!

Jaclyn + Katir

Leslie and I photographed Jackie and Katir’s special day at the Mountain Top Inn yesterday. The theme of the wedding: FUN!
Jackie and Katir were fun, laid-back, kind, generous and full of joy all day long. We loved being with them every moment!
Some Indian inspired details.
Portraits by the Chittenden Reservoir. Leslie took a moment to do a fashion shoot!
A pre-nuptual paddle. It’s Vermont.
Even the formals were not so formal.

The boyz.
Jackie arrives at the ceremony in storybook style.
Leslie’s beautiful image of Jackie’s dad giving away his daughter while Katir’s parents look on and Katir wipes away a tear.
A perfectly sunny and warm mid-May afternoon.

The first kiss!
Dr. and Mrs. Patel.

Then the exquisite reception.

Becca and the bridesmaids hang in the bar during cocktail hour. Loving the lip gloss.
The introduction and first dance.

The maid of honor and best man rock the toasts.
A little TMI is always toast-worthy.

Jackie dances with her dad.
And Katir’s dance with his mom.
And then it’s time to seriously dance.
Katir’s mom and dad.

Jackie’s mom (in the beautiful teal dress) plays it cool as one of the groomsmen literally slides into the image as Leslie clicks the shutter.

A Boston-based band, Eye 2 Eye, kept everyone on the dance floor all night. They were great!

Jackie gets fanned off after a hot set on the dance floor.
Becca and, I think, Tequila shots.
Jackie with her co-workers in their work clothes.
I asked Erica, one of Jackie’s bridesmaids, and Jake if I could take a portrait of them, and they said “Sure.”
Countdown to cake cutting.
These two loved to dance, and they knew what they were doing.
Erica sums it up for pretty much everyone at the wedding.
Congratulations Jackie and Katir! Thanks for being so stinking fun all day long. We know that this was just the first of many, many happy and joyful days together!