Katie + Ray

The tulips were in full bloom for Katie and Ray’s wedding at the beautiful Taconic Hotel in Manchester.
Mom laces up Katie’s amazing wedding dress.
The veil is perfect, as is Katie’s stunning updo.
The bouquet.

Katie’s dad sees his daughter in her dress for the first time.
While Leslie was photographing the bridal party prep, I was hanging out with the groomsmen. Here, the boys take a break from the bar for a group portrait on the front steps.
Off to the church.
Katie was absolutely radiant.
Katie’s and Ray’s moms look on with love and pride.
Katie’s dad gives away his daughter.
The first kiss as husband and wife (which comes fairly early in a Catholic mass, keeping Leslie and me on our toes).
Katie and Ray exchange rings.
A mixture of disbelief and joy.
Two thumbs-up!
Katie and Ray Addas.
A champagne toast in the bus.
Checking out the rings.
The wedding party at the Henry Covered Bridge in Bennington.
The bridal party was so fun and totally there for Katie all day long.
The boys rocking the socks.
Ray’s and Katie’s moms at the reception.
The day was all about family and friends. There was a lot of laughter and celebration.
A portion of Ray’s side of the family. These are the kind of people you want at a party.
The hot reception app of 2017: bacon on a stick. And why not?
Apparently only beautiful children were allowed to attend. Here they take a brief break from running around the lawn at top speed.
Sheer joy during the first dance.

Katie’s dance with her dad, during which there was not a dry eye in the house.
The tears continued with Ray’s dance with his mom. Both families knew how to laugh and how to cry. It was a rich day filled with both laughter and tears of joy.
Katie’s maid of honor busts out some stories from the past.
Ray’s brother and best man brings it home.
Table 11 gives Katie and Ray a standing ovation.
Table 11 was nothing but trouble from the get go. We’re not sure who put them together.
Ray’s grandparents win the anniversary dance, for being married for over 60 years. I love how Ray’s grandfather is looking at his wife like he did the first time he ever saw her. It’s one of my favorite images from the day.
And the dancing begins.
One of the guests, who spent his wad running around the lawn at top speed, takes a well-deserved break.
“We Are Family” was never truer than with this gang. Everyone rightfully came out to the dance floor for this one.

Congratulations Katie and Ray! Your wedding day was perfect, and it was a joy for Leslie and me to be with you and your amazing families and friends!
May all your days be filled with joy and celebration (and great beer)!

One thought on “Katie + Ray

  1. Congratulations Katie and Ray.We are so happy for you.The pictures are just lovely and Katie your gown is just perfect.You look good, too, Ray!May God continue to bless you and keep you very close to Him, this is our prayer for you.Enjoy and celebrate this wonderful day.God bless you and your dear families.From the pictures, there are many fun filled days ahead for you.God bless you and know that you are .in our prayers. Peace, joy, love, Sisters Barbara and Nancy

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