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Jenny and Eric

Jenny and Eric’s magical wedding day was in the historic Vermont village of Grafton.
Jenny’s sister Kelly and friend Holly put the final touches on her gorgeous wedding dress.
Jenny’s favorite stuffed animals, Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman, take a ride in her Kate Spade wedding shoes.
Jenny puts on her earrings. The amazing details in her hair styling are breathtaking.
Eric’s brother (and best man) Russ looks on as the bridesmaids’ final details fall into place. Leslie’s image of Jenny descending the stairs on her way to the church.
Jenny’s work at a New York ad agency ensured that everything was flawlessly designed.
The interior of Grafton’s White Church.
Two of the four flower girls.
Eric’s dad escorts his mom down the aisle, and the wedding procession begins.
Jenny is escorted into the church by her mom and dad.
Eric takes a deep breath as the ceremony begins, and one of the younger guests.
Maid of Honor Kelly looks on as Jenny and Eric listen to the encouraging words of officiant Deacon Richard.

Jenny’s cousin Lauren singing Schubert’s Ave Maria so beautifully that most of the guests had tears in their eyes.
Including Jenny.
Russ providing the wedding rings.
And the final blessing of Jenny and Eric’s new marriage.
Eric and Jenny’s first kiss as husband and wife.

Ringing the church bell in celebration.
The reception begins at the Grafton Inn, a short stroll down the street from the church.

Did we mention that there were a lot of beautiful and photogenic children at the wedding?
While Leslie was covering the reception, I did some portraits with the wedding party, flower girls and family.

The entire team.
And a few quiet moments with Jenny and Eric in Grafton and at Grafton Ponds. Beautiful locations on a beautiful day with a beautiful couple in love with one another.
A special shout out to Kelly, who made sure Jenny’s dress looked perfect in every portrait.

Back at the reception, Eric joins his Penn State buds. If you can’t tell from the photo, they were a fun group.
Kelly offers a toast as Eric’s grandmother looks on.
Kelly, after much teasing, says a couple of nice things about Eric.
Russ offers a toast.
Groomsman and dear friend Shawn has everyone in stitches. He left soon after to make the six-hour trek home, where his wife was due to have their first child the next day.
Jenny’s dad relating how Jenny decided to go to college in Ohio so she could be near them. And how they then immediately moved to San Diego.
Each table had its own original animal illustration.
Leslie uses her vintage plastic lens to photograph one of the flower bouquets decorating each table.
The Inn, which as been around for over 200 years, has a wonderful patina.
Later in the afternoon, we did some portraits in the soft light.

The cupcakes were a big hit.
One of the dancers expresses surprise as her dance partner goes airborne.
The first dance.
Jenny dances with her dad.
And Eric dances with his mom.
A perfect slice.
No cake smooshing on the face. The frosting tasted too good to waste.
A sweet kiss.
Jenny, who is close to her Polish roots, dances a polka with her grandmother.
Immediately followed by Elvis Presley’s “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.”
There is something about dancing that brings out our bliss.


The Penn State team observing the dance floor from the loft.

Can you pick out the newlyweds?
A sparkler send-off at the end of the night.
Jenny and Eric, thank you so much for inviting Leslie and me to be with you on your wedding day. Each moment was a delight!