Monthly Archives: September 2017

Lizz + Sam

Lizz and Sam had a picture-perfect September wedding day this past weekend.
Sam had given Lizz two weddings rings to be worn above and below her engagement ring. They were beautiful, as was Lizz’s bouquet.
Lizz and her mom have a quiet moment before the ceremony while the flower girls are hard at work.
Lizz and her daughter share a veil and a kiss.
The first hints of fall color as friends and family gather for the ceremony.

Sam sees Lizz in her dress for the first time.
One of Lizz’s daughters welcomes her to the ceremony.

Lizz and Sam celebrate with their first kiss as husband and wife.
An emotional group hug.

And, not to be outdone, Sam gets a plank from the bridal party.

Lizz and Sam take a few minutes for themselves as they head up to the reception.

There were a lot of children and there was a lot of room to run, play and explore.
Lizz and Sam’s first dance.

Sam dances with his mom.
Then all kinds of parents started popping up.
Lizz’s dance with her dad.

Lizz’s dress was simply beautiful, as were her purple glitter sneakers.
We took some time after dinner to do some portraits in the soft evening light.

Congratulations Lizz and Sam! It was a delight for Leslie and me to be with you on your wedding day!