Liza + Michael

Okay, before you look through Liza and Michael’s images from their wedding at the always perfect Mountain Meadows Lodge, let me set the stage: 1) Liza and Michael met during their UVM freshmen orientation, where they had both chosen kayaking; 2) So they love the outdoors, and they love UVM, which were both well represented at the wedding; 3) They love surprises; and 4) They know how to have fun.
Liza and two of his groomsmen decided to surprise Michael at his first look, where at this very moment he is expecting to see Liza in her dress for the first time.

Gifted second shooter, Kelly Fletcher, caught this special moment.

Take two. Another of Kelly’s wonderful images.

Liza’s dress was amazing and soooo photogenic.
The ceremony begins.

The whole team. Kent Pond is in the background, and the Appalachian Trail crosses the lawn down by the shore.
The totally fun wedding party.

This was not my idea.
When I expressed surprise that I’d never seen so many UVM alums without a beer in their hand, this next shot is what happened. Instantaneously.

UVM Outing Club Alums.
After taking a group shot of the Loyola Academy a capella group alumni, they broke into a perfect rendition of CSN’s Hopelessly Hoping. It was crazy beautiful.
UVM freshmen housemates, acting like freshmen do.
One last formal portrait of the bridal party.


Liza’s sister Rachel [and the event planner who was so fun to work with all day long] toasts the newlyweds.

Michael’s brother roasts the newlyweds.
He covers all the requisite humorous memories.
And the requisite colorful memories.

Michael’s sister Molly brings it home.

The first dance.

The parent dances.
Michael dancing with his grandmother.
The Lawlor team.

The Hora.

Liza’s mom and grandparents discover the final surprise of the evening—Liza totally rocks a song with the band. She brought down the house.
Liza’s 12-year-old cousin is a professional-level baker, and made the beautiful wedding cake.
We went out at twilight to get some portraits in the soft evening light. It was also a moment for Liza and Michael to have some quiet time together.
Reliving the magic of the first look experience.


The rings always make it real. They were nine years coming.
Congratulations Liza and Michael! You are an amazing couple, supported by an amazing community of family and friends. It was gift for Kelly and me to be with you on your special day. Thank you!

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