what to bring

Your favorite clothes
Bring a variety of your favorite outfits that reflect your different looks and interests—some nice things as well as your favorite hoody. The day before your session, take some time to try on your clothes and iron things that need it. Guys, at least run a vacuum cleaner over your stuff. If you don’t love how you look in something, don’t bring it.

Your favorite things
Do you have something that’s important to you or that helps tell your story? Bring it along. Like your pet (if it’s a horse, we’ll come to you), sports equipment, skateboard, a musical instrument (we promise we will not make this look stupid), your car, your favorite hat, your private jet—anything that makes you who you are.

Make-up, jewelry, and hair preparation products
(Guys, your can skip to Tunes.)  Bring along anything you think you might need for make-up and hair prep. It’s nice to have your favorite jewelry so we can mix it up during your photo session.

If you bring your iPod we can plug it into the studio’s Bose Dock and listen to your playlist while we’re doing the portrait session. It’s not a big deal if you forget—we can create your own Pandora playlist when you get here.

Your sense of humor and a sense of adventure
We promise that we’re going to get amazing images that convey who you are and tell your story. Our goal is to have your session be one of the highlights of your senior year—a time to be who you are and have fun with it.