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Ali + Jon

Ali and Jon had a perfect Vermont fall day for their wedding at the Colonel Williams Inn in Marlboro.
The only thing in the crystal clear blue sky was the moon.
Ali, Maria and Lauren having a sip of bourbon before putting on their dresses.
Ali and her mom.
Ali was beautiful, relaxed and fun all day long.
The amazing Justin Altman was photographing the groomsmen. Here Jon puts on his boutonniere
with the world’s longest needle.
Sweet Gidget, Dog of Honor, waits until the last minute to get dressed.
Jon’s team.
Now would be a good time to mention that the requisites for being invited to this wedding included:
being wildly fun, loving life, and loving Ali and Jon.
The guests gather for the ceremony.
The groomsmen getting organized by the barn.
Love and laughter amid the beautiful fall foliage.
Chris just wants to be sure that Ali is ready to say her vows.
Jon’s parents
Jon neglects to “repeat after me,” causing some initial concern among those present.
And, the ring fits.
The cocktail hour was held under the maples on the Inn’s west lawn
Justin’s image of Ali’s grandma apparently stockpiling rum and cokes.
The gorgeous barn, delightfully warm on this cool fall evening.
Inn keeper Victoria’s vase collection.
Victoria also collects china, so every guest had a different place setting.
Husband and wife are introduced.
Justin’s image of Ali and Jon’s first dance, taken from the barn’s loft.
Ali dances with her mom.
Jon and his mom.
The birch bark wedding cake, an homage to Ali and Jon’s love of hiking and the outdoors.
Yes, that is a limbing axe.
A polite dab of frosting on each forehead, and a post-cake cutting kiss.
And the dancing begins.
Some surprise guests.
Some late-afternoon portraits in the soft light.
One of my favorite images of the day. Pure joy and happiness.
Ali and Jon—it was a pleasure to be with you, your wonderful friends and families on such an amazing day of fun and celebration. Congratulations!

Jess + Kyle

Jess and Kyle had a perfect June day for their wedding at the Echo Lake Inn on Saturday.
Jess and her maid of honor and bridesmaids in their robes.
A champagne toast before changing into their dresses.
Assistant photographer Justin Altman was with the groomsmen,
and caught this wonderful portrait of Kyle.
One of the groomsmen steams his shirt.
The rings of pink gold.
Kyle prepares to see Jess in her wedding dress for the first time.
The first, but not last, tears of the day.
Jess’s team was all fun, all day.
Jess with her two besties from growing up.
Justin got this great flower toast image.
The boys.
The wedding party on the Tyson Library porch.
The wedding site is tucked in the woods right behind the Inn,
perfectly shaded and cool on a sunny summer day.
Jess escorted down the aisle by her brother.
Everyone expresses their joy at Jess’s arrival.
The exchange of rings.
Husband and wife.
A whole group photo on the porch.
Jess’s beautiful bouquet.
The first dance, beautifully choreographed.
We coordinated before the dance so I’d be in the right position to catch this perfect dip.
Matt, the evening’s DJ, was flawless, and the playlist kept nearly
everyone on the dance floor all evening!
Kyle’s Nana leads a line dance.
Kyle’s sister, like her brother, loves to dance.
Mom and daughter.
Even the tango made an appearance.
A quiet moment together on the porch.
Congratulations Jess and Kyle! It was a special day for a very special couple.

Beth + Chad

It was a picture perfect Vermont winter day for Beth and Chad’s wedding at the Inn at Grace Farm in Fletcher, Vermont.

Beth’s beautiful sequin dress and cape

Chad’s cut-away coat.

Chad’s grandmother was a wonderful presence all day.

Tessa and Ellie

Beth and her dad

Chad’s daughter Ellie receives a gift on a special day.

The wedding rings are on.

Mary congratulates Beth

Ellie’s first dance of the day.

Before the first trip to the pasta bar.

Beth and Chad’s beautifully choreographed first dance.

A father-daughter dance.

And a father-daughter dance.

The dancing begins.

Beth’s parents dancing to Etta James’ At Last.

Beth and Chad’s dear friend Christina flew in from Fairbanks, Alaska to emcee the day. She was wonderful!

Props from the photo booth.

Heather not only traveled from London for the wedding, but she made this amazing chocolate-raspberry wedding cake.

Which Beth lovingly carved.

Yes, it was that good.

Some sunset portraits on this beautiful winter day.

Watching the alpenglow on Mt. Mansfield. Congratulations Beth and Chad on your amazing wedding day! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of it!