I love conveying the emotion, beauty, and intimacy of the moments that make up our lives. I am drawn to visual richness and timeless images, and strive to bring an element of fine art to all my work. I don’t take myself or the quirkiness of daily life too seriously, and enjoy embracing the fun and adventure that infuses our waking hours. I think the best images make us laugh or cry.

joy, beauty, fun, and magic
I am fortunate to have discovered the thing I love to do. When I wake up the morning of photographing a wedding, I feel like I did as a child on Christmas morning—filled with an intense and eager anticipation of what the day will hold, how it will unfold, knowing that it will be unlike any other day, and confident that it will be amazing. Wedding photography, for me, is the confluence of my personality, experience, love of life, artistic passion, and (let’s face it) sense of humor. Nowhere is the abundance of life more evident than on your wedding day, and to have the privilege of making images that will convey the joy, beauty, fun, and magic of your day is almost more than I can stand.

I believe that life is the sum of our relationships, and so I invest in them heavily. I will look forward to meeting you, getting to know what you love and what is important to you, and learning what you hope your wedding images will convey. The quality of the pictures I get is directly related to the quality of my relationship with you, your wedding party, and your guests. When there is a relaxed and comfortable trust, the images take care of themselves.

The best images are not planned or posed. They simply happen when we are being ourselves, enjoying the exhilaration of amazing moments. My role is to be aware, intent, and present. Beyond being a positive presence, I try to be a quiet participant, so that everyone will be their best selves. Recently, riding to the reception after making the bridal attendants’ group portraits, the bride exclaimed from the front seat, “Okay, who doesn’t LOVE Jeff?!?” completely forgetting that I was in the car with them, still taking pictures.

just what you want
I want to provide the exact coverage you want. Four hours or ten? A second photographer? Fun, formal—or both? A coffee table book, a traditional album of printed images, or a dvd slide show set to your favorite music? We’ll take the time to look at all the options and come up with just what you want.